Styling Statement Necklaces


Happy Friday loves! Today's post is all about styling statement necklaces. I was a little hesitate about posting this because I felt it was a little early. Statement necklaces are more of a spring thing because you have to wear coats in the winter. However, you don't wear your coat all day so when you take it off there is something fancy to look at instead of just the basics!

I got this statement necklace I am wearing in the photo below for Christmas and I love it so much. I don't really buy statement necklaces because I am a more simple girl when it comes to necklaces. I also have really sensitive skin and a lot of jewelry breaks me out but after wearing this I plan to purchase more statement necklaces. Check out the pic below:

Below are seven ways to style a statement necklace! Check it out:

1. Layers: I love layering sweaters with collared shirts! This black statement necklace and red/black flannel adds edginess to this preppy look!

2. Turtleneck: My sister recently received some beautiful statement necklaces [1] [2] from ShopLately and that was the inspiration behind this post! She wore one of the statement necklaces with a turtleneck and it created a contradicting elegant and edgy look!

3. Chambray Shirt: Denim tops can be a little boring but a neon statement necklace can make it a little more interesting!

4. The Little Black Dress: Add a pop of color to a LBD!


5. Basics: Glam up a basic with a little glitz and glam.


6. Boyfriend Jeans: Fancy up a pair of boyfriend jeans with a statement necklace and matching heels!


Which is your favorite look? Are you into statement necklaces? Let me know in a comment below!

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