#BFBF - Black Fashion Bloggers Friday


Hey loves! I was roaming around some of my favorite fashion bloggers' sites and I came across this post on Gabi Fresh's blog! I thought why not spread the love and so I decided to start a weekly post called, "#BFBF, which stands for Black Fashion Bloggers Friday! I will post a few or more of my favorite black personal style and lifestyle bloggers to display my love for them to bring some more awareness to their sites! Check out the first round below:

O'keevia Howard

Latisha Decruisa

Jena Marie


Ria Michelle

If you are a black blogger and would like to get featured in a future #BFBF, let me know in a comment, my contact page, or on any of my social medias!

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1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for featuring me, I feel honored!


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