Valentine's Day: The "Date Night" Look


Hey loves! For the second look of my Valentine's Day series, I put together a casual date night look. This top was very relaxed and the sheerness added sex appeal. The leggings were comfortable and fitting!  I just love these boots! They are my first pair of tall boots and I pair them with everything. They are amazing with this casual, sexy and comfortable look. I purchased this chic top in December from Old Navy during the holiday sales so it is out of stock. Update: The shirt is online here! (SN: It looks over-sized but I actually didn't realize how much weight I lose until I got home and tried this top on) However, I found some similar tops online. Check out the links below!

Similar Tops: Missguided | New Look | Asos - Boots: Target

Be on the look out for the last part of this Valentine's Day series tomorrow! What is your go to date night outfit?
Don't forget to check out looks One and Three!

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