Fresh Start


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I started my first blog, The Limegreen Flamingo, in May 2013. I can never remember the actual date but that's not the point of this post. I really enjoyed posting on there but I began to post further and further apart. I went from posting three post a week to one post a month. I began questioning my love for blogging.

I was not over blogging. I just needed a fresh start.

As I started to analysis why I no longer wanted to blog, I realized my first blog had a little too much going on for me to handle. My life and interest from May 2013 are not the same as my current life and interest. On The Limegreen Flamingo, I posted DIYs, Music, Fashion, Tech, Beauty, and Lifestyle related post. I will continue to post about all of those topics on that blog except Fashion.

That is the reason I created this blog.

All of my fashion related post will be found here on this site. My first post consist of a tartan plaid boxy tee and quilted circle skirt. The tartan reminds me of back to school and fall fashion. What better time than now to get a fresh start on your new personal fashion style and in my case blog! I learned a lot from my first blog and I can only get better from here. I hope you come along with me on the journey.

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