End of the Summer Blues: Beyonce Inspired

End of the Summer Blues

Today is the last day of summer and if you're as blue about the season coming to an end as me, why not show it in your outfit? This all denim look is inspired by the Queen Beyonce and she was rocking it about two months ago on her Instagram

Beyonce was wearing Cazal shades, a distressed denim jacket with plenty of Chanel brooches, an arm cuff, denim skirt, and the Christian Louboutin Gold Follies Resille 120 mm.

Check out how you can get this look below:

Denim Top (Forever 21/Old Navy) or Jacket
Denim Pencil Skirt (Forever 21/Kohl's)
DIY Chanel brooches (video 1/video 2)

What denim pieces are you excited to wear this fall?

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