The Oxymoron of Standing Out in Camo


Is it me or does it seem camo never go out of style?

I remember colorful camo being popular when I was younger. Then a few years back I purchased this camo jacket from a thrift store and never really stop wearing it. I go back to it every fall. Yesterday, I wore it with this black t-shirt dress, gold accessories, green hobo crossbody bag, and my black and white slip-ons. Amazing how camouflage was originally made to blend in but fashionably you can stand out by adding a camo piece to your wardrobe.  

T-Shirt Dress: Wal-Mart (Similar) | Camo Jacket: Goodwill (Similar) | Shoes: TJ Maxx (Similar)

Do you love camo for fall as much as I do?

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